Mujuru elected to lead Fiba board

Ronald Mashinga, Sports Reporter

BASKETBALL Union of Zimbabwe (BUZ) president Joe Mujuru has been elected technical and competition’s president of the Federation International Basketball Association (Fiba) Africa Zone 6.

Fiba Africa Zone 6 is the biggest of Fiba Africa’s seven zones with 10 countries from southern Africa.

Mujuru’s involvement with the game’s administration dates back to 2006 when he was elected committee member of the Bulawayo Basketball Association (BBA). He went on to become BUZ secretary-general in 2013 before assuming the presidency in 2017.

“It is quite something to be given that kind of responsibility on such a board. I am very excited and honoured on behalf of the Basketball Union of Zimbabwe,” Mujuru said.

He said his intention is to organise more competitions and encourage other countries in Fiba Africa to develop the game on the continent. “It is very important to compete, so we need to organise more competitions. We need to encourage other countries to be involved in organising more competitions and participation.

“We need to build a base in terms of our technical understanding of the game in southern Africa by training our coaches and referees so that our athletes can excel at the highest level,” he said.

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