Inter Provincial Tournament

Inter Provincials

Senior Men’s National Team practice

Following recent meetings with the Local Organising Committee on the ground in Masvingo, we have unfortunately been unable to secure a games venue for the above mentioned competition. In light of this information, we have been left with no option than to cancel the 2019 edition of the BUZ Interprovincial Competition.

Please accept our humblest apologies to all those provinces who were in advanced stages of preparation and were ready to travel and participate.

As we look forward, please be advised of the date and venue changes for the BUZNC zonal qualifiers as below:

BUZNC Zone 2 Qualifiers 19-21 April (Bulawayo)
BUZNC Zone 1 Qualifiers 19-21 April (TBC)
BUZNC Finals 3-5 May (Mutare)

*If there are any changes to dates and/or venues you shall be advised ASAP*

We would also take this opportunity to remind all Secretaries General to ensure that all team lists are forwarded to the BUZ SG and all player registration fees are remitted to the BUZ account.

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