The Executive Committee is under the authority of the Central Board and is entrusted with the implementation of the policy and the decisions of the Central Board. It defines the measures and objectives, follows-up and controls the application of the orientations of the Congress and the Central Board. Between the sessions of the Central Board, the Executive Committee holds all its competences.

These decisions shall be submitted to the Central Board for ratification at its closest meeting. The Executive Committee may set in place, if necessary, offices (north, south,etc.) and/or Sub-commissions (sub commissions for the organisation of the Africa Nations Championship, for the organisation of interclub Competitions, sub/commission for referees, sub/commission for marketing, etc.), with prior approval of the Central

The Presidents of boards or sub-commissions are appointed among the members of the Central Board, the Association or others. The Executive Committee thus appoints the number of persons needed for the boards or sub-commissions. At least once in a semester (beside the meetings held during the final rounds for senior men and women), The Executive Committee will meet.